Local 1 On 1 Training


1 PLAYER $200 per training session (1 hr session)

2 PLAYERS $175ea per training session (1 hr session)

3 PLAYER $150 ea per training session (1 hr session)

4 PLAYERS $125 ea per training session (1 hr session)

-INCLUDES: Rental facility, equipment (50 - 100 soccer balls to do enough rounds before picking up balls,

targets on goals (to improve on shooting accuracy and avoid the need of the goal keeper, rebounders, cones etc)

PLEASE NOTE: (Commitment is for 10 sessions. However, if after the first session you don’t like it you only pay for that session only)


 Why so expensive? First because we have to pay for rent, second this is the average rate to hire

a personal trainer/coach. Third, my time is very limited and I cannot keep up with all players

interested in this program. If you cannot afford one on one or you think it is too expensive

download our app to do it on your own! (send to app) That is why I created the soccer-finishing

app training program, to help as many players as possible to improve on their shooting and

finishing skills and do it on their own while having a great workout at a very affordable price.

 I am under 13 or I am a beginner what do you recommend? If you are less than 13 and or a

beginner, I recommend you work on your foot-skills first before doing this training program.

Training Site Address:

The Athletico Center

1900 Old Willow Rd, Northbrook, IL 60062